Our Story

We would like to take the privilege to introduce all of you to the place which we are proud to call home, Notre Dame English Club, widely known as NDEC.

The journey begins in 2005. With a view to spreading the knowledge of English among the students of Notre Dame College with the help of exciting and innovative events, Nirjhor Adhikary, the founding Moderator of the Club, currently serving as the First secretary to the French embassy of Bangladesh, took forth the initiative of establishing Notre Dame English Club. Thus, with a few dozen members and a head full of dreams, NDEC set sail on its journey towards linguistic excellence. Since then, Notre Dame English Club has been working for the development of English skills of the students of Notre Dame College through regular classes and workshops on various interesting topics of the language. The initial years are always the most challenging for an up and coming organization. But with the persistence, determination and hardwork of the initial members, the club made huge strides towards success attracting an abundance of students through their noteworthy activities.

Our exemplary annual publications “Odyssey” and “The Glowing Wick” are also an integral part of the club’s identity. Through the publications, NDEC provides a premier platform for students, not only from Notre Dame College, rather all over the country to showcase their literary prowess.

Under the guidance of the current Club Moderator, Suranjita Barua and the Co-Moderator, Humayun Kabir, in 2013, NDEC hosted its first ever national event in the form of “Eastern Bank Limited presents 1st National English Carnival-2013”. Till now, NDEC has hosted 6 National Carnivals. Each time, we challenged ourselves to bring in fresh, bold ideas and surpass our previous selves in quality. Over the years, thousands of participants participated in the carnival to learn something new and hone their skills making all our efforts worthwhile.

In a world where competition is reaching newer heights by the day, there is no alternative to mastering the aspects of English and NDEC serves the very purpose of developing a skilled community expert in all branches of English, which is evident in the club motto "Whole universe in one soul, Learn English to reach the goal". NDEC has not only been working towards its goal inside the college but also at national scales. The 6 National English Carnivals are the glaring examples of it.

At NDEC, we believe in Efficiency and Efficacy as both are equally essential for achieving success. Every year, our club welcomes freshmen who are eagerly determined to accomplish outstanding feats through constant tough grind and perseverance. NDEC gives all its members the opportunity to flourish in extracurricular activities as well as leadership and training to develop your English skills.

Today, we can proudly say that NDEC is not only a premier club of Notre Dame College but is also keeping pace with all the college level clubs of the country in terms of the quality of its activities. Even though it has been a long and illustrious journey spanning over 15 years, we believe its just the start. And we remain as determined as ever to keep spreading the euphoria of learning English among the students of our country, to keep surpassing ourselves. As Robert Frost wrote, “And miles to go before I sleep.”

"Whole Universe in One Soul
Learn English To Reach The Goal"

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