People Behind This Website

Motasim Bhuiyan Rafeed #12001110

Backend Developer

Like any other computer-loving-nerd, I got hooked into programming since I bought a computer. From printing 'Hello World' with CLI to solving graph problems, I always found writing codes a fun thing. But if I was told to rank my tasks, backend development would be on top. Guess why I didn't miss the chance of writing backend for NDEC's website!



Mohammed Sakirul Alam #12003098

Front-End Developer

Being obsessed with computers since childhood, I discovered my passion for programming in my early high school days. Other than building full-stack web apps, I have a knack for writing codes to automate tasks, scrape the web, solve problems and do numerical computation for fun. It was a great opportunity to help NDEC build the front-end of their website!



Without whom launching this site would not have been possible

Strategic Planning & Support

Abdur Al Wasi
Department of Workshop, Presentation and Seminar
14th Executive Committee

Ashab Mahir
Department of Archive and Documentation
14th Executive Committee

Faiaz Riasat Saad
Department of ICT and Graphics
14th Executive Committee

Muin Mezbah Ullash
Department of Accounts and Finance
14th Executive Committee

Tahsin Al Araf
General Secretary
14th Executive Committee

Sparshopriyo Barshan Roy
Vice President
Department of Archive and Documentation
14th Executive Committee

Content Planning

  • Abir Hassan Tamim
  • Nafis Saadiq
  • Irraz Apto
  • Iqbal Hossain

Photo Collection

  • Ifaz Ahmed
  • Amio Rashid
  • Adeeb Adnan Ankon
  • Mazhar Islam

Content Writing

  • Mehtajur Rahman
  • Kh Shafin Farhan
  • Wahed Bin Mahbub
  • Akib Haider
  • Shudipto Dip

Populating Pages

  • Fateen Noor Rafee
  • Borhanul Islam Sami


  • Nazmus Sakib

Meet The Minds