Nov. 23, 2020 - Nov. 23, 2020

Notre Dame Workshop & Edit-a-thon

Notre Dame English Club, in partnership with Wikimedia Bangladesh, hosted a workshop with the sole purpose of teaching aficionados how to make information available to everyone. It was an exciting event for the club as this was the first time we organized an online workshop.

Wikipedia is one of the prime sources of knowledge on the internet. However, an extremely minute amount of articles are in Bengali. Recognizing the scarcity of articles in our mother tongue, a workshop was held on 23rd November 2020 on a thorough how-to of creating Wikipedia pieces. Hundreds of students from Notre Dame College participated in the workshop to learn a skill that would help to spread knowledge for the Bangla-speaking population of the world. It was followed by a fun little assignment to evaluate their newly developed skill.

106 articles were submitted during the assignments, of which 80 were selected; making the internet a bit more comprehensible for local netizens.

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