April 23, 2020 - April 24, 2020

Quadrathlon 1.0

As our offline events came to a halt due to the pandemic, we knew the students were craving to polish up their linguistic skills. To quench the thirst of the students, Notre Dame English Club came up with its first-ever online event in the form of Quadrathlon 1.0.

An amazing intra-college event where the students of Notre Dame College participated in 4 different events: Word Play, Spell Master, Solo Quiz, and Article Submission.

  1. Worldplay: Comprised of only one round, the students had to battle out their vocabulary skills.

  2. Spellmaster: Spanning two rounds, after the primary selection, the top 6 participants were called on for a final round where the top 3 were crowned champions.

  3. Quiz: The first of two rounds was be conducted through Discord servers using bots. The top 5 participants went on to the final stage, and the top 3 were crowned winners.

  4. Article Submission: Articles containing 200-400 words on various topics were submitted by the participants. Upon careful judgment, the top 3 articles were awarded.

The events tapped into a variety of skill sets and presented an opportunity to enhance them. More than 500 participants took part in these events in real-time along with everyone on Discord.

The organization of such an innovative and unique event with such perfection speaks volumes to the resolute of the club and its diligent members.

Check event page for more details.

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