Nov. 6, 2021 - Nov. 12, 2021

Quadrathlon 2.0

Quadrathlon 2.0 was one of the flagship events that garnered much anticipation and enthusiasm. Its inauguration was a thing of joy for everybody, for it was the very first event from NDEC in a post-lockdown atmosphere. Heralding a sigh of relief as it provided us with some much-needed extra-curricular activities.
The first edition was taken online. As the name suggests, the event consisted of 4 segments:

English Olympiad: Making up of two parts, one online and the other offline, it's the place where your knowledge of the English language, literature, and grammar is tested.

Spell Master: Consisting of two parts. As the self-explanatory name suggests, it weighs your spelling skills.

Solo Quiz: This one is a godsend for all the geeks out there. This segment was divided into three parts, testing your overall general knowledge and current happenings of the world.

Article Submission: This one grants creative liberty to all those who participate in it. The only limitation herein is a word count and imagination. It's solely taken online.

The second part of the event was held offline in our college premises on November 12, 2021 where the online winners took part for the final round. From each segment three of the participants were selected as the winners.

These were our matters of concern in our Quadrathlon 2.0. It gathered over 200 participants and proved to be a worthwhile event. This Intra-college event truly stole the limelight for its own.

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