Sept. 18, 2021 - Sept. 18, 2021

Intra-College Workshop On Writing Essays for Admissions Abroad

Many of us aspire to study abroad. However, even if we have a firm grasp on what we want to pursue and where we want to study, the largest hurdle that aspirants, like us, have to face is the Common App; more specifically, the essay. The essay is an integral part of the Common App. It is just as, if not more important than stellar grades while applying to colleges abroad as the college gets a glimpse of the personality and convictions of the applicant through it. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we write an eloquent essay describing ourselves, and our convictions as clearly as possible. To help clarify what to emphasize and how to write the essay, along with the overall procedure of applying abroad, Notre Dame English Club is arranging an online event titled Inter-College Workshop on Writing Essays for Admission Abroad.

Our instructor for the workshop-
Subha Nawer Pushpita
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Double Major
Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics

The workshop will take place on the 18th of September 2021,Saturday at 8 p.m. Registration is free of cost.
This workshop is open to the students of Batch'21 and Batch'22 of Notre Dame College.

1. The workshop will be conducted online via Zoom.
2. There are only 250 slots open for the workshop. Once the quota is met, the registration process will be closed.
3. There are no registration fees. Both members of Notre Dame English Club and non-members are free to register for the event.

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