Notre Dame English Club

Our Message

Dr. Father Hemanto Pius Rozario C.S.C

Principal and Club Coordinator

Notre Dame College

Hello, everyone! I am Fr Hemanto Rozario CSC, the present principal of Notre Dame College. I congratulate all the club members and the moderators for the new addition of website to their club. The aim and objectives of Notre Dame English Club is to make our club members and our students interested in learning the language English. At the same time, we would like to see our club members become a good leader for the future society, and in this regard, our club members with the help of our moderators are doing a great job, and I think this new addition of website will bring much fruit in this regard,

and they will be more communicative, and they will be able to cooperate with each other, and they will be learning from through the website and this will help in their learning process. I congratulate and thank all the club members and the two moderators of this club. Good luck!

Suranjita Barua


Notre Dame English Club

Dear students, certainly it’s a very tough job to take the right decision or to choose the right decision for yourself in life. Choosing Notre Dame English Club will offer you a new essence of learning English. In one way or another, we cannot deny the importance of learning the Global Language; it’s a buzzword now. Since its inception, NDEC is tirelessly working on improving four language skills through their different interactive activities, certainly ensuring the language exposure in your daily life. Keeping all your enquiries in our mind, we want to strengthen our connection with you through this particular website.

You will get to know our history, our publication, events and all our meeting details regularly here. Your love and your trust will inspire us and help us to march forward and out-do ourselves. I wish you will always be with us like before. Thank you very much.

Md. Humayun Kabir


Notre Dame English Club

Notre Dame English Club is one of the best clubs in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2005, it has been helping students learn English through different approaches, interactive approaches. It has been serving as a platform to practice four skills of English language. Its extra-ordinary programs in different times benefit the students who have English-phobia.

The website of Notre Dame English Club is going to launch. We add one more feather to its already... I hope this website will mean a lot to the English language learners. At last, I would like to wish every success of the club.

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